How is hydrogen made? And is it sustainable?

Hydrogen is a clean, widely applicable energy carrier that can very well be produced sustainably. Hydrogen can be made in many ways, from various sources of energy.

Hydrogen clean alternative

When used, hydrogen does not cause any pollution: no greenhouse gas, no particulate matter, or any other pollutant. This makes it a clean alternative to fossil energy, for example for heating homes, for industrial processes or for driving cars or trains.

From gray hydrogen…

Hydrogen does not occur naturally and does have to be produced first from other forms of energy, for example from biomass or from natural gas. This production process creates CO2 in addition to hydrogen, in which case we speak of gray hydrogen.

…naar duurzaam waterstof

CO2 can be captured and stored. Then we speak of blue hydrogen (see below). When hydrogen is produced with electricity, it is logical to choose solar and wind power (green hydrogen). Then the sustainable hydrogen is made with infinitely available energy.