Is hydrogen dangerous?

Hydrogen, like natural gas or gasoline, contains a lot of energy. And like these fuels, use is subject to regulations to ensure safety.

Hydrogen no more dangerous than natural gas

Hydrogen is therefore no more dangerous than the use of natural gas. It does have different properties and its use therefore requires separate rules.

Hydrogen also called ‘bang gas.’

Combustion can be fierce, as hydrogen burns eight times faster than natural gas (hydrogen is also called bang gas!). So, it is a gas that we cannot just use in a gas appliance intended for normal natural gas.

Colorless hydrogen flame

Hydrogen also burns very differently from what we are used to. It has a colorless flame. It is a clean burn that produces only water vapour. The temperature of the flame is higher than with natural gas. At the same time, a liter of hydrogen gas has much less energy than a liter of natural gas.

Hydrogen in industry

Hydrogen has long been used in industry but is still a new phenomenon for many energy applications and much still needs to be worked out surrounding safety.

Hydrogen car dangerous?

With hydrogen cars, of course, safety is assured. Hydrogen tanks are extraordinarily strong and can withstand the impact of very severe crashes. The hydrogen tank is many times stronger than that of gasoline, as it also must withstand the high pressure (up to 700 bar) of hydrogen.