Where will all hydrogen come from?

Eventually, the intention is to make hydrogen only from renewable energy such as solar and wind, and no longer from natural gas.

The Dutch total annual energy demand is about 3,000 PJ. Policy is aimed at increasing sustainability by first capturing the CO2 released during production and by making hydrogen from green electricity. Total Dutch energy demand will decrease due to improved efficiency and will reach somewhere around 2500 PJ by 2050.

Origin of green hydrogen

Suppose we want to produce about 20% of the energy supply with green hydrogen in 2050, that would be 500 PJ, or 140 TWh. This would require 30 GW of offshore wind. Almost three times as much as is planned for 2030 from the Climate Agreement. That is a lot.

Import of hydrogen

So, it is likely that the Netherlands will also import a lot of hydrogen. That may come from sun-rich regions, where green hydrogen from solar power is cheaper to produce than in our region with fewer hours of sunshine and solar power.