Safety – hydrogen transportation

With wider use of hydrogen, its transportation is also increasing. WVIP has produced a number of documents focused on transportation for this purpose (only available in Dutch):

  • A first report provides information on the safety aspects surrounding the development of hydrogen infrastructure and specifically liquid hydrogen and its storage. This document was prepared by WVIP work package four that uses knowledge questions (see Inventory of Knowledge Questions) to identify the safety risks around hydrogen (report “Storage and Transport – Failure modes in liquid hydrogen storage”).
  • A second report of this WVIP work package provides information on safe transport of hydrogen by road. (Methods of transporting hydrogen by road and the safety risks WP4) This report provides guidance to centrally unlock the questions and answers that exist on this topic with the aim of ensuring hydrogen safety.
  • A third document provides a Hazard Identification (HAZID) risk analysis around the transport and delivery of hydrogen with tube trailers to a filling station. This document was prepared by WVIP work package five that focuses on risk analyses for hydrogen use: ‘Safety aspects and risks – HAZID study, report case 2 – hydrogen uptake transport and delivery with tube trailers’.