Hydrogen Safety Innovation Programme (‘WVIP’ in Dutch)

Hydrogen is coming closer to society and outside the “gates” of heavy industry, through application in mobility and the built environment. For successful sustainability, safety is a prerequisite, and many questions are being asked about this. To properly identify hydrogen safety, NLHydrogen is working on knowledge development and knowledge sharing around safety to manage the risks of hydrogen and combat incidents. Gaps in laws, regulations and policies are also actively raised and addressed.

To work on this topic, NLHydrogen initiated the Hydrogen Safety Innovation Programme (WVIP). Together with: industrial parties, knowledge agencies, local authorities, the Dutch ‘safety regions’, environmental services, and the Ministries of Economic Affairs and Climate, Infrastructure and Water Management and Justice & Security, NLHydrogen works in this programme to ensure that there are clear rules, regulations and manuals for the small- and large-scale application of hydrogen in society.

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