Policy and regulatory developments

Laws, regulations, and policies related to hydrogen are now mostly based on its use as an industrial gas and as a resource for chemistry. Hydrogen has been used in industry for much longer than for mobility and other new applications. As a result, regulations for the use of hydrogen in new applications – such as cars, trains, or the built environment – may be onerous, they are not sufficient (yet) or there is no regulation yet. This makes innovations with hydrogen in society difficult. We would like to lift that barrier.

Therefore, within the WVIP programme, an inventory of the current laws and regulations relating to hydrogen has been started. An initial overview has also been made of what should be done differently and what is still lacking. On this basis, the WVIP makes recommendations to policy makers, for example for adjustments to existing regulations or the drafting of new laws. An example within this theme is the common question about parking hydrogen cars in parking garages. The WVIP is working on a memorandum to give direction to the discussion on this issue.