Safety and hydrogen refuelling stations

The number of refuelling stations offering hydrogen is increasing rapidly. This development obviously requires proper information and guidance for all parties: refuelling station operators, emergency services, the municipal government as licensing authority and the surrounding area.

HAZID study on hydrogen refuelling stations

Offering hydrogen at refuelling stations requires an understanding of the risks. To this end, a so-called HAZID (HAZard IDentification) study has been conducted (Work Package 5 of WVIP). A HAZID study is intended to identify and evaluate potential problems and risks (e.g., knowledge gaps in hydrogen safety) and to identify barriers and recommend appropriate measures. In this way, one gets an overview of all the hazards posed by a development. A first study focuses on refuelling stations: ‘Safety aspects and risks – HAZID study, report case 1- hydrogen filling stations.’ (Only available in Dutch)

A second HAZID study specifically addresses transport and storage of hydrogen in tube trailers, including for filling stations: ‘Safety aspects and risks – HAZID study, report case 2 – hydrogen uptake transport and delivery with tube trailers’. (Only available in Dutch)

Permitting around refuelling stations

Permitting around hydrogen refuelling stations is new and often unknown territory for governments, the environment and for refuelling station owners. See here the page with permits for hydrogen refuelling stations.

Paying for hydrogen at a refuelling station

A motorist must be able to rely on safe and accurate measurement, and therefore a correct account of the amount of hydrogen refuelled. This sounds obvious, but for a new fuel such as hydrogen, a number of things must be properly regulated. NLHydrogen has frequent discussions about this with the relevant stakeholders. This concerns a safety, legislative and regulatory aspect. You can read the report of the online workshop of Friday, September 10, 2021, with motivation, discussion, and conclusions during the workshop.

Check-out of hydrogen at a gas station, see the online workshop and report on this (September 10, 2021) (only available in Dutch)

Roadmap gas station owners

There is a lot involved for a gas station owner who wants to offer hydrogen. Safety is one of the issues here. See the page with the roadmap for refuelling station owners.